ATG Comic Review: Her Infernal Descent #1

Welcome back, welcome back! This week is an incredible week for the Comic Reviews! I am super excited about this comic and I barely even want to do this intro bit that I always do because I just want to jump right in to discuss this comic it has me so excited! So first off a HUGE thank you to Vibranium Comics and Games for getting me hooked on yet another comic series that I am going to have to collect all of! Make sure to give them some love by visiting their facebook page by clicking the linked banner above or their website by clicking the banner below! Better yet give, them some real love by stopping by their store in Ocala where they can hook you up with a comic you will love as much as I love this one!

So jumping right into this this week’s review, we were given a comic called Her Infernal Descent. Upon looking at it, I thought this sounds cool and asked if the store owner, Austin, knew anything about it. He told me it was supposed to be like a Dante’s Inferno type of thing but that was all he knew off hand. Well, this excited me and scared me at the same time. I am a HUGE fan of Dante’s Inferno. Back in high school we had to do a thesis paper on some literary topic in my Senior English class. For that AP English class I wrote a 15 page paper on the paganism found in Dante’s Inferno. So, considering that, you might be able to tell how much of a fan I am of the book. However, I do tend to be picky on the translations I like -for example, I love the John Ciardi translation…the Alan Mendelbaum one not so much though.

So after getting home from the comic shop, I immediately dove right into this comic and was not disappointed. It is a more up to date retelling of Dante’s trip so far, this time with a mother who has lost her family. She follows the ghost of William Blake, the poet, into hell to see her husband and 3 children once more. I had to look at this one more time while writing this to be sure about who she was, though, as she is drawn to look like an old woman almost a grandmotherly look to her and tone to her speech. She asks though for a father and three children when she speaks with the shade of Edgar Alan Poe in the first part of Limbo. Perhaps they are grown children or perhaps they have all been dead for a while I’m not quite clear on which though I was led to believe they were younger and while it has been a little while it didn’t seem like too much time has passed as she is still cleaning the memories out of the house when they first introduce her character.

So far, she has embarked on her mission in a similar way to Dante. She has loved ones that are lost and was told by a poet they are in hell. In this case it’s William Blake instead of Virgil but the result is the same. The family has asked him to take her to them just as in Dante’s his love asked Virgil to reunite them. In this it sounds as though the family might be in hell which in the original the lover of Dante was in heaven but to see her as he was mortal Dante had to travel first through hell then purgatory and then into heaven (ie. Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradisio the Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri). I am not sure whether or not this will end up going through all 3 like his did if it does it would be pretty cool to read and might make me finally pick up the Ciardi translations for the other two books in the Divine Comedy, for as much as I love Inferno I never moved beyond that into the other books.

Halfway through this comic, I called Vibranium and asked to be put on the list for this comic because I enjoyed it that much. This comic is on sale from Aftershock Comics, which is a smaller studio I have never heard of but I am curious to see some more of their work if it is anything like this one. Sound off below if this is the type of comic you would like or what you thought of this comic! We love hearing comments from  our readers and visitors so make sure you make your thoughts and views known!

4 thoughts on “ATG Comic Review: Her Infernal Descent #1

  1. Got to love local shops- they are often so much better than the large chain stores that get too big and forget the little guys- the fans- who got them where they are! Im glad you have a local shop that still cares about its customers and fellow fans.

  2. I don’t know how you find the time to read so many books and review them, but it’s so cool reading about comics from smaller publishers. This Her Infernal Descent sounds like a good retelling of the classic epic. On a side note, I’d love to see a Marvel or DC version of Dante’s Inferno either in the comics or in an animated tale. What do you think?

    1. I would certainly love to see one of the big two take on the Divine Comedy. Who knows maybe one day we’ll see one of the DC heroes being led through hell by the demon etrigan!

      The secret to being able to read and review so much is simple…..I’m a stay at home disabled father so while kiddo is napping or at school I read or play games!

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