Draxis Book Review: Earthman Jack vs the Ghost Planet

So here we are back again with some more reviews. I hate to say it, but for like a year or so I gave up reading…it was during the same time this site went quiet. I was suffering from a lot of things medically which will be showing up in the health blogs on Cancel Cancer soon. I hate to say it, but I was beset by depression and anxiety among other things. Lately though, I have started to read again….mainly sci-fi but it shows I am getting some of my joy back. So now for the next step of getting back in the swing of things which is by sharing with you what I think of these! These new reviews are brought to you by our sister site Cancel Cancer so just click on the banner above to be taken to our facebook page or the banner below to check out our website and online store! Also if you want to get hold of the book we are reviewing just click on the cover pic that has been added below and you’ll be taken right to it!

So the first book on our reading list is Earthman Jack vs the Ghost Planet. This is a VERY much a Young Adult book. There are many YA books that I can easily read as an grown man (yes even at 40 I have to laugh calling myself that with how immature I am most times….I’m NEVER growing up HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) anyway this book kinda pushed my limits for the YA because it was more Y than A I think. I enjoyed the idea of the story which is that aliens with similar forms to us come to our planet looking for ancient tech…that was kinda cool and would be awesome for anyone that watches Ancient Aliens. However, then they add in things that could easily be a Deus Ex Machina though thankfully they never really exploited this too badly. You see they have a power that some people can touch, a 4th dimensional quantum physics thing (yeah it’s a little over my math level if it would work). This idea basically says that everything can be anything but is something because you want it to be that something when you look at it and if you know this you can thus create different things just by observing them as real. In other words a chair could also be a car but only if you observe it as such and exert enough will to actually see it this way. It was an interesting thing that could have been all blown out of proportion and run the story but thankfully it wasn’t. Another addition that could have had that same outcome was the introduction of a ship that only answered to Jack the main character who was like 10 I think. This ship was able to use an unknown type of drive to literally pop from one place to another anywhere in the universe in a single moment. This ship was also able to construct anything Jack needed…weapons, hover boards and bikes and the like. Thankfully, this too was not overused but used just enough to solve little problems but in ways that caused their own problems as well.

The only real thing that kept throwing me off is the cursing in the book. You see they used an intergalactic curse in the place of any normal curse words we know. However, this curse was a word we know because it was the word Kitten. It kept throwing me off until Jack asked about it and informed some aliens that Kittens were fluffy baby cats and the aliens replied that that’s certainly not what was meant in the rest of the galaxy by that word. It kinda makes sense but I think they should have coeup with a more unique word to represent universal swearing.

All in all it was a fun little book. I liked a lot of the supporting cast of characters but the main character kinda wore on me a bit for some reason. There was a lot of sci-fi stereotypes which I wasn’t thrilled with as I am a firm believer that to get something good you have to break a trope here and there and this was basically just typical trope after trope for a YA sci-fi. Great little book for kids in the 12-14 age range I’d say maybe a little younger if they have the attention span. I’m on the shelf about actually getting the sequel for myself to read, if it was for my son I would do it in a heartbeat.

If you have heard about this book and read it for yourself sound off in the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. LOL.. A sweet little book indeed. The curse words used were something else and I liked the whole idea. Ancient aliens is a nice one to get engrossed in and I loved the idea behind this one.

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