Draxis Comic Review: Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock

As one of my heroes would say “Welcome Back True Believers!” So glad to have you guys with us once again this week! Things are going strong here in the Draxisweb house as we prepare for our next Convention down in Bartow Florida but we aren’t going to slack off! No Siree, we are still gonna hit you with game news and reviews as well as comic reviews thanks to our pals at Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Vibranium always has cool things going from Trivia nights to TCG games and X-Wing Tournaments so be sure to check out their facebook page with the banner above and their website on the banner below to see what fun things are coming up!

This week from Vibranium we see a new book from Marvel that brings back a taste of the old and at the same time is getting us ready for the new in the Movies. From the time I was a kid I was reading about the Infinity Gems. I remember the Wars, the Gauntlet, the Watch, and the Crusade! I remember Thanos and Magus and the Goddess. I remember the Ultraverse and some of the Avengers being transported there for a 7th Gem to be found in that realm and Loki to try and take control of it. For me seeing Adam Warlock and the Gems and Cosmic Cubes are just old hat. For those new to Marvel thanks to the Cinematic Universe Thanos and the Gauntlet are new and still yet to come in the Infinity War movie due out this year in May!

So this comic will be a good thing for those new to the stones and such to read before the movie…get a little look into what the gems can do and what the gauntlet is. We see Adam Warlock who has yet to be revealed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, however in Guardians of the Galaxy we think we saw his cocoon, and in this comic he is brought to the end of time to be released from his cocoon by Kang the conqueror. Kang does a nice little run down of the history of the gems (though he does skip the goddess and the crusade as though it never happened which I thought was a shame) and goes on to tell Warlock that though in the past they were enemies they were now destined to work together because if they failed time would end. Kang thus sends Warlock back to Ancient Egypt where Kang got his start to get information about where the gems might be and to be sent ot them. Old Kang kills Warlock knowing this would put him in the cocoon and thus seals him in a tomb to be opened in present day thus avoiding anyone from sensing the time traveling that could ruin the plan he has to save everything. His only request for being a good guy in this case s the time gem. I shudder to think what an already masterful evil doer that is a master of time travel might do with the time gem.

So while a good little introductory story to what’s coming up and where we will see the gems being used in the comics most likely around the same time they are used in the movies I have to ask you, has Marvel gone to the well too many times with the Infinity Gems for the comics? Will this fall flat? Or do you think it is a good idea to reintroduce them now that they are being used in the movies? Sound off below with what you think!

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