Welcome back to our weekly Comic Review! We have a few good comics for you this week and I have to admit our friends who are picking these for us have a tendency to pick some winners for us! This week is no different though the first one we have from Bearded Browncoats is an interesting storyline. If you enjoy seeing these blogs and want to help us out then give Bearded Browncoats Comics and Games some love on their facebook page by clicking the banner link above. Especially give them a follow if you’re in the Gainesville area as they will be coming your way soon!

From Bearded this week we get an Image title called VS. This is an interesting little comic as it has a televised War that seems to be playing out like a game show. When I say war I mean all out lets kill the other team war! The start of the comic shows the warzone and how it’s being done and shows how they pause the war to go to commercial break even. In the middle of the comic they follow one of the warriors as he gets some hospital work done on a leg so that he can get back out on the killing field. Towards the end of the comic, we see him back in the field and we see the show give him a penalty of some sort as he doesn’t pause for commercial break and they end up apologizing to viewers and the sponsors for it.

This is a very interesting view of what is actually a conceivable thing with how much reality television has become. Why not show a war like a sports show and have commercial breaks and sponsors! I mean heck, instead of taxing the populace why not have Nike and Arizona Beverages paying for your war efforts! “This Missile Salvo was brought to you by Red Lobster!”

Have any of you seen this comic yet and if so what do you think? My only concern for this is how do you follow something like this?

1 thought on “Draxis Comic Review: VS#1

  1. Hmmmm. This is nice. Who would believe I would actually be able to develop an interest in comics about wars. Your review is convincing and I’m sure going to go get the book soon. I hope it turns out as great as you make it sound.

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