Draxis Comic Review: Saga Issue 1

So today is Black Friday and things are off to a rough start all over the world. My thoughts and prayers go out to those in the US that are foolish enough to go out shopping on this day and end up getting hurt and they go out to the victims of the bombing/mass shooting that happened in Egypt. But none of that will distract us from our mission to bring you great comic reviews…the only thing that could do that is a lack of internet…which we had the past 2 days. So sorry for any delay getting this out. This review has been brought to you by the wonderful people at Bearded Browncoat Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Their Black Friday event is going on now and they have a bunch of great deals so I suggest you run on down right now! (unless you’re reading this after black friday in which case you missed it sorry) As always the above banner will be their facebook page where you can find out all about their sales and shop!

Todays comic from Bearded is called Saga and is a reprint of issue #1 from Image comics. One of the great things about this comic is the reprint price is nice and cheep! When we got the comic we were told it was like a mixture of Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons. I would say that’s pretty accurate but it also has a forbidden love like Romeo and Juliet as well which I think is kinda awesome especially since it means an interspecies relationship in this case! In my mind Love is what matters no matter the color of your skin, your religion or if you have wings vs horns as you will see in the blog so to me I love the comic just for that.

Anyway a little background this is a comic that is like Star Wars as you have two planets and the governments are fighting. In this case the ones fighting are the denizens of a planet and the species that populates their moon. However the funny thing about this one is you find out they decided they didn’t like how they were destroying their homes and thus labeled their world and moon as neutral territory and took their fight out into space and continued it on other populated planets recruiting the unlucky neighbors into one side or the others armies. So they make friends with other planets and then decimate them while fighting the enemy. Such nice neighbors!

Now the reason this comic can be compared to D&D is because the characters are separate races that could resemble Angels and Demons or Fae and Satyr archetypes. On the planet the people grew wings but are otherwise humanoid in shape. Some wings were angelic and large and some were small and butterfly like but they all seem to have wings. On the moon the people look more demonic having horns on their heads instead of wings on their back. The horns seen in this issue range from single unicorn to ram like horns to antlers.

We now get to the Romeo and Juliet part….the forbidden love! We have one person from the moon who is a wanted criminal, he had been caught but then poof he was gone. On the other side you have a lovely young lady from the winged planet who is a deserter from the war effort who was last seen at the same installation the criminal was! When they are caught up with later they are pregnant (yup sometimes interspecies can have kids in this). So finding them like this they become outcasts to both of their societies and are to be hunted down by both. This first comic starts with the birth of the baby and is told by a grown version of the baby about the day she was born and what happened with her parents that day. The baby was a cute little thing for a crossbreed with both horns and wings.

As if this greatness wasn’t enough for a comic there are plenty of great action scenes as our two heroes flee with their baby trying to find a way off planet. There’s some nudity in the comic so this may not be for younger children. One scene is a simple breast feeding scene but they do show nipple so that might be ok however one other page has two people from the robot kingdom going at it trying to make a kid. This page may be a bit disturbing to some younger audiences as the robot empire people have the bodies of humans and the heads that look like monitors for your computer. In the mentioned scene the female is fully unclothed and you see a lot of her body in a few panels, you also see in one panel the male robot unclothed complete with manhood hanging between his legs. So parents if your kids want to read this one I suggest looking at it first and seeing what you think…but then again I suggest that for most things when you have kids.

All in all I loved this comic. I loved the Space/Fantasy mashup, I loved the story of forbidden love (then again I am a hopeless romantic so no shock there). My only concern is the blatant robot sex simply because some kid might buy it without knowing about that part and it is kinda disturbing due to how that species looks. I would certainly recommend this comic however to any older teens and adults that were to ask me about it. Any younger and I would say this comic may be what causes your birds and the bees talk maybe sooner than you would like.

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