Draxis Comic Review: Betty and Veronica Vixens

Welcome back to the site everyone. That’s right, it may be thanksgiving but the thing we are thankful for is you our followers so we won’t be letting you down this week! We are back with more comic reviews and today we have our first one from Vibranium Comics and Games in Ocala Florida. Vibranium has an awesome Black Friday Sale coming up so be sure to check their event out by clicking here~~>Black Friday Sale. (due to late posting from lack of internet no link here as it’s over…sorry)

What’s more popular today than calling your comic book women vixens or sirens? Putting those same Vixens and Sirens on Motorcycles! Everyone seems to be getting in on this, from DC with Gotham City Garage and now Archie Comics with Betty and Veronica Vixens. The Archie Universe has been very popular lately with the Archie comics taking a new turn in their art and style and a lot of odd crossovers, but they have also invaded TV with Riverdale and a soon to be rebooted Sabrina the Teenage Witch. My point here is that these Archies are NOT at all like what I grew up with. My generation didn’t have murder mystery Archie comics like the Riverdale show. My generation’s comics were illustrated more like a Sunday newspaper comic than the more mainstream comics are but that has changed. Even the subject matter has become more adult and not at all as fun and light hearted as what I remember. So, now I’m going to be a delicate little snowflake to all the comic book conservatives out there (or would it be liberals in this case as the changes are fine) and say this is #NotMyArchie!

However, some of these Archie Story Lines are working for me. While I can’t bring myself to read a crossover with Predator, the Harley and Ivy Crossover was well thought out and entertaining so I gave Vixens a chance. The first few pages cemented my thought of this not being my Archie comics when I saw Betty handing out brass knuckles to a bunch of hot biker babes from Riverdale who had just buzzed some other biker gang outside of town and tried to intimidate them. My first thought was “OMG what have I gotten myself into here?” However, as I continued reading things started to make more sense after a short little time skip and backstory to a week ago.

Quick basics of the story are Archie and Reggie decided to make their own biker gang. The girls go out riding with them and at a top Archie gets spooked as he sees a Sign for a legendary Biker Gang and decides to hightail it before there’s trouble. Of course, typical Archie, his cowardice causes the trouble he wanted to avoid. This leaves the girls trying to figure out how to get an old road gang out of town. Why not make an all female biker gang right?

For those that have read it, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. For those that have not read it yet, it’s a special little treat that’s out right now. Good story, good graphics, and all in all I highly recommend it to you and can’t wait to see the next issue!

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  1. If you feel yourself jonesing for the old house art style, you can still get those on the regular in Archie Digest from the publisher ir in your local grocery store. I think that they are not just reprints but include some new materials also.

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