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OK guys and gals, this week I am going to go and talk about one of my favorite mutants the ever lovable snowball of the X-Men Bobby Drake AKA Iceman. I have always love Iceman as a character in the X-Men, Defenders, X-Terminators, or X-Factor….basically, wherever he was I loved his character. He was always fun a little off the walls and just read as a character that has his life mainly together and is happy with himself. However, back in the 80’s, you had a 4 issue limited series about Bobby that showed that what’s in the pages of the X-Men is not always how the characters are around their family. In that Mini-Series, you find out that Iceman jokes around because he is insecure with being a mutant, it weighs very heavily on him because his parents don’t accept him for who he is. He tries to be popular and not show how much this hurts him because he doesn’t want to be pitied for others not understanding him, especially since he is around people all the time that do understand him. In many ways, this old series fell flat with me because it was a side of Bobby we didn’t normally see and it reminded me a bit too much of my own personal struggles with trying to be accepted by my peers in school.

Nowadays, Bobby has a lot of the same feelings for fitting in but it’s no because he’s a mutant…oh no you see most of the world is comfortable with mutants now or if not comfortable are at the point of saying “well they’re here not much we can do about it so let’s at least be nice”. So what do you do when you have a character who is known for being overly joyful and outgoing to protect himself from being pitied by others for not fitting in who can now kinda fit in. That’s easy, you find some new way of him not fitting in, (Cue New X-Men and past Bobby revealing that he and thus present Bobby are both Gay). So now you have a gay Iceman who has always been dating girls (Mystique, Opal, Kitty, Cloud(who could be a guy), and Polaris) So he has been with girls the whole run, but it seems that it all is just him trying to compensate…to hide the one thing that is easier to hide than the other from the pair…his powers. Now before we get any further while I try not to tell spoilers in this one I can’t help it so after here comes spoilers

So for those that have stuck around, Iceman #1 sees our favorite hero trying to fill out an online dating profile for gay guys. He’s having a few problems, but then again, I have done that before too and let me tell you filling out forms asking you to talk about yourself in a way to attract a possible mate is NOT easy. Add in factors like just coming to terms with your sexuality and I can see where that could be a huge deal.

So while dealing with this, he gets a call that his father has had a heart attack and of course goes rushing off to the hospital to make sure he’s ok because Bobby is a good son. Daddy being the ass he is though, coldly received his son and lets him know he is ok, they also calmly drop that they had moved to a smaller house months ago without telling Bobby. This revelation is dropped into normal conversation as though it’s an everyday occurrence for someone’s parents to up and move without telling their son. This was sent right to the next phrase from the mother without skipping a beat with her asking if he had any new girlfriends. So yup, one major awkward moment  to let’s get even more awkward and uncomfortable. Thankfully, the awkward silence didn’t go too long as a young mutant rushes into the hospital being chased by a purifier and Bobby goes and saves the day…just to be asked to leave by his parents before someone realizes the mutant was here to see them. Such caring people aren’t they?

This basically ends the comic as Iceman puts the last touch onto his dating profile by adding a shrug emoji to the area where it asks ‘what you’re like’.

Just like the older comic, it was kinda nice to see into his homelife away from the X-Men…. It kinda made one of my favorite characters a bit more relatable and real, but at the same time I wish I hadn’t read it, because it was just a very uncomfortable thing to read through-especially for anyone who has had issues being accepted. I can just imagine how hard it was for him to come out as a mutant just to have such a hard time with his own family but then to try and come out as gay also….that’s just too much grief from one’s own family and it left me feeling uncomfortable for him and pitying him, which I never want to do for one of my fave characters. It is a good telling of Iceman’s family life but the topic and subject were just a bit too depressing and the comics was too much of a downer for me personally.


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