For the next 14 days the DWP will be selling Awareness Shirts for Kidney Cancer. One part of Kidney Cancer tht many do not know about or talk about is the extreme lack of energy one gets…I found out about a good way to describe this first with a thing called the spoon theory ( This truly is one of the best ways to describe it so please read and then come on back here….don’t worry I’ll wait.


Back? Awesome! Anyway while that is one of the best ways I can explain the deep lethargy I go through as well ever since I found out about my cancer…well its stuck with me even after my surgery. It’s something I am working with my doctors about among other things. Anyway I am a gamer and have been since oh gods way back when and all I had was an Atari 2600! So being a gaer I always have little coparisons running through my head of normal things and what it would be like in a game and for me the spoon theory especially when you are running low is like how in the game Golden Axe you needed to have Mana to do any special moves and this voice would be like “Mage (thief, warrior, etc) Needs more mana!” whenever you tried to do something but didn’t have enough. Many people call me a warrior since I fought cancer and won….do we see where this is going now? Thats right when I get to the stage where I have sat down on the couch and my eyes will not stay open for the life of me and even twitching y finger seems to take a year and need  miracle a little voice flashes through my head that says “Warrior Needs More Mana!”

Thus came my idea for a shirt! Then I found bonfire and with their help designed this…

14354945_10209998528856980_8643347028984839958_nAs you can see in this picture the typical health bar has been replaced with cancer ribbons. The one that is full is Orange to symbolize Kidney Cancer since that is what I had as is the mana jar. As you can see the others are just empty ribbons denoting that they need filling by that jar. I wanted a good warrior pic but then I saw the penguin warrior and just thought it too cute to pass up on. Even the cuteness can help show how much we need our energy and it still gets the warrior spirit across.

So we have this running for the max 21 days of which there are only 14 left. I will continue to run these if we see some interest but for us to receive anything from this we need to have at least 10 ordered within the next 14 days. They only cost 15 dollars and the money we receive from this will first go to paying my Pet Scan in November. After that anything extra we raise will go to the 2017 Draxisweb/All Things Geek Relay for Life team event.

So anyway you look at it you can be helping me with my cancer bills or you can help the ACS through Relay and you get a cool shirt out of it! So visit the ink below and pass it around to all your friends!