3 All-Natural Cancer-Fighting Solutions to Know About

More people are becoming interested in natural treatments for serious illnesses like cancer. While the use of these treatments gives cancer patients a feeling of control over their illness, they should make sure the treatment method they choose is safe and will provide them with positive results. The following treatment options are three of the best all-natural cancer-fighting solutions from which to choose.


Leafy green vegetables are filled with folate and other substances that slow down or stop many common forms of cancer. These vegetables also provide consumers with antioxidants that provide more protection from the disease. One particular form of cancer that benefits from a diet high in leafy vegetables is colon cancer.

The folate you need can be obtained by eating spinach, kale, parsley, collard greens, and other green vegetables. Adults and teenagers need about two cups a week of leafy greens. Younger children should get from one-half cup to a full cup of leafy greens a week. The absorption of folate and other nutrients present in leafy greens is absorbed better by the body when consumed in conjunction with healthy fats.


Cannabidiol oil is a derivative of marijuana but does not possess the psychoactive properties that produce the high marijuana smokers crave. There are many different kinds of CBD oils with pros and cons depending on the use or how you want to take it. Some studies on CBD have been conducted that show the oil prevents the growth of cancer cells. However, the research is still in its preliminary stages.

A report by the National Cancer Institute stated CBD oil lessens the symptoms of cancer as well as the side effects of cancer treatments.


Turmeric is a spice native to Indonesia and India. The spice has benefited users with its therapeutic properties for centuries. The active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin. It has been found to help as an anti-inflammatory as well as improves brain function. Studies are conclusive that curcumin prevents a variety of cancers, including cancer of the lungs, stomach, breast, colon, and liver. Curcumin works on cancer by disrupting the signaling aspects of the disease at a cellular level.

A study conducted at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in 2011 demonstrated curcumin’s ability to distinguish between healthy and cancerous cells before instigating the death of cancer cells.

The popularity of natural treatment methods for serious illnesses like cancer continues to rise. The three natural cancer solutions above are safe and have demonstrated proven benefits to cancer patients. While many people try these on their own we at Draxisweb and Cancel Cancer do not suggest that these take the place of traditional Doctor recommended treatments, however it is always good to try to help these treatments with natural methods.

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3 thoughts on “3 All-Natural Cancer-Fighting Solutions to Know About

  1. Glad that I was able to come by this post! I’ve been reading on a natural cancer fighting solution knowing my family is predisposed to cancer out of genetics. Sadly, I lost my grandfather to cancer. This has really gave the family the signal to at least be more careful with regards to our health. Been trying to to consume more leafy greens for the main reason that it’s generally good for us. However, with CBD oil it’s sadly still banned here in our place. Hopefully new policies would be made and our policy makers would be more enlightened with the benefits.

  2. Is CBD Banned or is Marijuana banned because they are actually considered 2 different things in most places. CBD Oil can come from Hemp plants which is the same as pot but without the THC that gets you high. CBD is actually legal in the US whereas things with THC are still illegal in many states. You may want to see if there is any difference in this wherever you are as well. It culd be that Hemp CBD oil may be fine as a lot of people do not realize that this is the same thing just without the THC.

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