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Lately I have been playing some interesting little games on my iPod touch and I figured I would tell you about some of them. Some have of course been better than others  as you will see from my reviews but today I am coming to you with one that I have been quite happy to play recently and it’s called War Dragons.


War Dragons is a complex little game for such a system as the ios you get on your apple phones and ipods but it is awesome. The Graphics are amazing and they have tons of cool looking dragons for you to breed…but this isn’t some sort of dragon breeding game like dragon friends oh no! This is a Tower Defense/Dragon Breeding/War MMO. So let me just kinda dive into the basics.

maxresdefault (1)Tower Defense- When you start the game you have a small little island and you go out with your one dragon and start taking out the small islands of the people who had killed your family/tribe way back when. Suddenly they are going to attack you but all you have is a sheep farm and lumber mill whatever will you do? You’ll build an archer’s tower and destroy their dragon with it. As you progress in the game you get more weapons you can make and you unlock more and more land that a dragon has to fly over to destroy your village. So in this way it is a tower defense game as you will have other players attacking you that have to run the gauntlet of your towers before they can destroy your city. And this brings us to the next part of the game

WarDragonsMobileReview14War- This is also a MMO war game as the only way to advance your dragons is to have them raid other cities. This gives them the XP needed to be trained to higher levels. Once at higher levels your dragons will be able to be bred…so onto the next little chapter…

Dragon Breeding- There are a LOT of dragons in this game. You start with like 9 you can breed to get but then as you start interbreeding them you get a second set of dragons…then you can breed those together and it keeps growing and growing and these dragons are just cool as hell. The Graphics on this game are amazing and you can just check out the dragons easy enough. Below I will put a small gallery of just the dragons I have so far so you can see how cool they are (note these are just the hunter class and only the ones I have there are also warrior and sorcerer classes of dragons).

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A game like this could easily get monotonous however this game has a ton of cool little events it does almost every week or every other at least and between events you can also war with other guilds and such.

This game is such fun that we have opened an All Things Geek guild within it. So far we dominated the bronze league so much that upon entering the silver league we were only a few points away from just skipping right to Gold League. So feel free if you have iOS on your phone or iPod or iPad to come join us in a fun little game.

Total 4 out of 5 stars

5 thoughts on “War Dragons Review

    1. I have Kinnara….I just hadn’t realized how many I did have before I started my little montage and so I went and limited things….I was using google to find the good pics for them and unfortunately many of the pics were over 2mb and wordpress sites have a 2mb upload limit and right now I am so far behind in my making of blogs that its too much to have to do the pic editing for all the dragons I have.

      My full list is: Just Hatched a Vazir and in my Breeding area I have all of the red dragons (so Draco, Hext, Leviathan, Kastor, Frigg, Zin, Aetrix, Hantu, Fenrir and Kinnara) Most of the Purple Eggs ( Trollis, Laekrian, Daemun, Merk, Dactyl, Alikorn, Borg, Gog, Klax, Garuda and Arborius) and some Blue ( Kromon, Jura, Sahran, Vazir) and last but not least I have a Kinnarakku.

      I would have a lot more but my big problem is I honestly am not a fan of attacking other players so I am running out of breeding pairs. I actually find such a thing as making you attack other players and not having some sort of NPC thing to attack or maybe some other way to get dragons as a small failing in the game system. I am much more involved with trying to build my guild and my islands to make it where I stop losing things to people who want to raid me.

  1. Perhaps note that this game is also available on Android for most newer phones/tablets. The game is cross platform now, so Android & iOS players can play together.

    Teamwork is where it’s at. Guilds and making friends is what takes this game from good to great.

    I feel you should also note that there are possible costs (microtransactions) available, many are worth it for people who normally don’t spend money on games, but it is completely playable without spending any real money.

    1. That’s good to know….I tried to find it for android but wasn’t able to as I would rather play this on my phone that has an SD card backup for memory instead of taking up precious room on my ipod. I will have to look again.

      I do love the teamwork and guild work when it’s working….I have to admit it is hard it seems to get your people to stay active in the guilds or at least it is for me for some reason. I am always pushing for the events and trying to get us wars that are fair but that second part is very hard….the war part is something I think needs a huge overhaul so that a small guild with active members can perhaps take on a large guild that’s got less active members without an automatic loss like it is now.

      As for microtransactions….well I don’t mention it wih this because I am finding that I have not NEEDED them to continue on. In a day or so I hope to have a review of Jurassic World up and the Microtransactions will feature heavily in that blog because in that game you almost NEED them to get anywhere. It has been my experience since getting my first kindle fire about 3 years ago and getting into the mobile games area that it goes without saying that mobile gaming will have micro transactions, the thing thats noteworthy about them now is whether they are needed or not.

  2. I play the game War Dragons. It an awesome game, but the are several problems with the game. There are several tech problems in the game, for example the storage was not working probably for me, and it was not protecting the amount of RSS that it should have protected. Resources are known to go missing, and the tech team say is that they know about the problem, but are working to mix. There is a league chat we’re all players on the league can chat today. I’ve used it to talk to players not in my team, to be bullied by several teams, and players on league chat, and when you report the posts nothing happens. The game need to to better with stopping other players from bullying player. The is fun to play, but the game us not fun when your being bullied. To make it worse the game doesn’t try to stop the bullying. I was on league chat today, and one of the players mentioned that he has been banned from playing the game, but when his teammates come on league chat, they have fun making fun of other players.

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