Lately I have been playing some interesting little games on my iPod touch and I figured I would tell you about some of them. Some have of course been better than others  as you will see from my reviews but today I am coming to you with one that I have been quite happy to play recently and it’s called War Dragons.


War Dragons is a complex little game for such a system as the ios you get on your apple phones and ipods but it is awesome. The Graphics are amazing and they have tons of cool looking dragons for you to breed…but this isn’t some sort of dragon breeding game like dragon friends oh no! This is a Tower Defense/Dragon Breeding/War MMO. So let me just kinda dive into the basics.

maxresdefault (1)Tower Defense- When you start the game you have a small little island and you go out with your one dragon and start taking out the small islands of the people who had killed your family/tribe way back when. Suddenly they are going to attack you but all you have is a sheep farm and lumber mill whatever will you do? You’ll build an archer’s tower and destroy their dragon with it. As you progress in the game you get more weapons you can make and you unlock more and more land that a dragon has to fly over to destroy your village. So in this way it is a tower defense game as you will have other players attacking you that have to run the gauntlet of your towers before they can destroy your city. And this brings us to the next part of the game

WarDragonsMobileReview14War- This is also a MMO war game as the only way to advance your dragons is to have them raid other cities. This gives them the XP needed to be trained to higher levels. Once at higher levels your dragons will be able to be bred…so onto the next little chapter…

Dragon Breeding- There are a LOT of dragons in this game. You start with like 9 you can breed to get but then as you start interbreeding them you get a second set of dragons…then you can breed those together and it keeps growing and growing and these dragons are just cool as hell. The Graphics on this game are amazing and you can just check out the dragons easy enough. Below I will put a small gallery of just the dragons I have so far so you can see how cool they are (note these are just the hunter class and only the ones I have there are also warrior and sorcerer classes of dragons).

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A game like this could easily get monotonous however this game has a ton of cool little events it does almost every week or every other at least and between events you can also war with other guilds and such.

This game is such fun that we have opened an All Things Geek guild within it. So far we dominated the bronze league so much that upon entering the silver league we were only a few points away from just skipping right to Gold League. So feel free if you have iOS on your phone or iPod or iPad to come join us in a fun little game.

Total 4 out of 5 stars