15 tips for better eating and meal planning

Cooking Classes (2)_0Investing in your health is a necessary and intelligent investment. With the costly health-foods propaganda all around us, it is important to know how to cut down our grocery bills, without compromising on our nutrition. Here are some tips to make you a smart grocery shopper.

  1. Make a food time table. Keep track of what you have in the fridge and freezer and when it needs to be used by. It not only helps avoid waste, but also helps in taking control and planning balanced nutritious diets for the family.

  2. Avoid wasting food. If you are throwing away snacks or milk past their expiration date then you should organize things better. Try buying smaller packs, if they perish faster after opening, and freeze things to extend their shelf life.

  3. cookingCheck if you are buying something that you can make easily at home. You might be able to make a lot of things at home, like fruit juices, chips, snacks, peanut butter, baby food, hummus, cream style sweet corn, lemonade, granola, dips, sauces, salad dressings, jams, bread crumbs, mayonnaise, yogurt, crackers and many more.

  4. Ready to cook foods and canned products save a lot of time. Spending a lot of time in the kitchen might cost you money in other ways. It is a very subjective choice and you cannot apply one rule to everyone so you will have to decide bow and then to cheat and use ready made meals that are cheaper but maybe not as healthy and then make up for it later in the week.

  5. Some meat cuts are more expensive than others. Check how you can save money by choosing inexpensive cuts. You might also opt for buying whole meat and cutting it at home. Look for ways to cook cheaper meats that keep them tender and juicy such as crock pot recipes and slow cook and grill times.

  6. mealtimeDon’t be loyal to any particular brand, unless you cannot tolerate the taste of the same product in other brands. If the exact same product is cheaper in a lesser known brand then buy it. 90% of the time you cannot tell the difference and it can save you money and be just as healthy as a more expansive brand.

  7. Expand your diets to incorporate more food group types. Try a variety of millets, fruits, vegetables, meats and cereals. A wide variety diet gives you more freedom of choice. You can opt for an equally nutritious item at a cheaper price and substitute healthier options like applesauce in place of oils and butters in some baking recipes and look for ways to make similar substitutions.

  8. Check if you can give up costly foods like cheese, extra virgin olive oils. You might cut their portions and minimize their use. Also, make healthier meals by cutting down oils and butter in your diet. Also look for natural supplements that can be used in place of the less healthy things you are currently using.

  9. cooking-with-kids_612Fill up your cart with necessary items and check if you should go for the not-so-necessary things you can do away with, like cereal bars, chips, snacks and chocolates. You may make a decision by estimating the change in bill amount.

  10. Choose for foods with lesser food miles. Locally grown fruits and vegetables are usually cheaper and more nutritious. Don’t pay for freight, gas, trucking, and display costs when you can buy the same thing from a farm 15 minutes away.

  11. Sometimes sellers are forced to sell easily perishable seasonal fruits and vegetables at cheaper rates. Check the prices of seasonal fruits and vegetables and never miss the chance of eating them, if they cost less. Also look for discounts on meats and other foods that are near their sell by dates.

  12. serve-what-cookingBuy once in a fortnight, or in a month. You can save money and earn more rewards by buying in bulk. You will also cut down on impulse purchases and save money on gas with fewer trips to the grocery store.

  13. Have a small kitchen garden. You don’t have to master the art of gardening, but with a little care, this hobby can take you back to nature and bring down your grocery expenditure. And fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables are tastier and make healthier meals.

  14. Let the family be involved in planning and cooking meals. When the family is involved and invested in the meals they are more likely to eat the food and less likely to waste any of it.
  15. cooking_ingredients_op_720x477Consult with family and friends fro new ideas- how can you take chicken and make it interesting? What new meal can you plan with the same ingredients you have been cooking with for the last three days? Be creative, look for ideas, and create something new and unique for you and your family to enjoy at meal time!

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12 thoughts on “15 tips for better eating and meal planning

  1. “Expand your diets to incorporate more food group types….” This is really important!

  2. “Expand your diets to incorporate more food group types….” This one is really important..

  3. Usually tutorials like this on how to improve your eating habits will always help readers much more than any other stories or normal articles . “Investing in your health is a necessary and intelligent investment.” This is truly a great advice when it comes to investment.. Great posting !! Thanks for sharing it !!

  4. There are best tips one can apply in his/her kitchen. According to me, we should stop the wastage of food due to expiry date. As you say we can manage it by buying it in a less quantity. There are so many people out there in other countries who are not getting enough food to survive, so think about them and don’t waste food.

  5. I have read many such guides to improve meal planning, but this has to be the best one by far. Usually the tips I have stumbled across were condescending and made me feel as though everything was going wrong in my kitchen, however here I was able to find some very, very useful advice that I will definitely heed in the future.

  6. Totally agree with you! I also try to save food and money by organising buying and making the list of products before going to store, that I won’t buy something, what I don’t need. It really helps to save 🙂 Also I agree with GeorgeC, that expanding your diets to incorporate more food group types is really important tip ;)) And that little garden – oh, how much I want it! Definitely will make this! 🙂

  7. Meal planning si always difficult, especially the more people you have in your family because there are more likes and dislikes to try and plan around. When I have a group of friends over we try to do a pot luck or buffet style meal so everyone can find something they like, but do you have any tips for making it easier to get picky family members to eat what you put in front of them?

  8. Planning a meal can be a stressful time of the day but these ideas a perfect! I will have to look at trying some out this week with my own meal planning. I will let you know how it goes.

  9. I always see these tips as a simple tutorial on how to live a better life.. After reading this article I can honestly say that I must plan my meals from now on. Awesome article !!

  10. I think I struggle with the no waste thing. Often times you get a better deal buying things in bigger packages and I justifying by thinking that I’ll use it later but I never do. My food taste changes like the weather and one day I’m in the mood for something and the next day I hate it. This makes shopping difficult and waste levels high. Brand loyalty is an issue in my house too. Not for me, but for my husband. He’s dead set on the idea that generic = gross and flavorless. Sometimes there is a difference between name brand and generic taste, but often times the difference is unnoticeable.

  11. I’ve been struggling with the same thing lately. I have no idea why, but my tastes became fickle as hell. Where before I could have eaten just about anything, now I’m only in the mood for some things and even those change. Most of the times I actually end up skipping meals, because although I have food in the house, there’s nothing that strikes my fancy. Which, in turn, makes shopping and planning a chore.

  12. This is great of you to share some health tips! I’ve been struggling with eating healthy probably this may be due to the stress and lack of time to prepare healthy meals. But I believe in the saying if there’s a will there’s a way. So it’s a matter of me really wanting to do it! I would love to read more on the health segment as well along with the comic and toy reviews on the blog!

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