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Discover the Story Behind DraxisWeb

DraxisWeb Productions is the creation of Amanda Coryell (FKA Kevin Coryell). During it’s inception DraxisWeb was a blog site that covered all things geek. From video games to comic books to sports if you could geek out over it we wrote about it. Shortly after DraxisWeb was started our creator was found to have cancer and so we added a health section as well. That was 9 years ago and now approaching a decade of DraxisWeb being online we are deciding to change things up. We want to focus on our stories and add them to this webpage for you to enjoy. We also want to present our artwork as inspiration to create more short stories and to offer you these same pieces of art as a story prompt. We offer you the chance to share any of these stories with us and if you’d like we will put them up on this website with your permission along with a Bio page so people would know who you are and where to find you.


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Meet Our Authors

Read more about our DraxisWeb Productions Authors here. Both DraxisWeb OG authors and those that submit stories to us will have pages here.

Writing Prompts

Let your creativity soar with our writing prompts that will be based on pictures created byAmanda Coryell in Daz3D!

Our Stories

Explore the stories from DraxisWeb Productions OG Authors Amanda Coryell and K.M. Asano. If you would like to join the DWP please contact us.


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