Welcome to the home of Cancel Cancer! We are a campaign to help raise money for the American Cancer Society to help them with all they do to help Cancel Cancer and to help those that have Cancer.

Cancer is a horrible disease that kills thousands of people every year or causes them to live a pain filled life without organs and possible disabilities. Even once you are “free” of cancer there is always the fear of it coming back! Once Cancer touches you it never lets go.

Our founder Kevin Coryell experienced all of this in June of 2015 when he was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Suddenly at only 37 years of age and with a wife and 2 year old child Kevin found himself possibly looking Death right in the eyes. Luckily Kevin found great Oncologists and Urologists at Shands in Gainesville and after 3 months of Chemo his life was saved, though he was minus a Kidney and Adrenal Gland. Once he was told he was clear of Cancer Kevin decided he was going to rejoin the Relay for Life and help the American Cancer Society raise money to help those with cancer and to help spread awareness so that one day maybe the disease that tried to take him from his family wouldn’t be able to kill anymore!

This year starts the 3rd season of Relay for Kevin and in just a few days from writing this he will be celebrating his 2nd Cancerversary. He has been working with the local Relay for Life as a Team Captain of team Draxisweb and as part of their event committee starting his second season as head of their social media. Kevin decided in September of this year to start the fictional world of Cancel Cancer and build up merchandise around this world to spread awareness of Cancer and sell merchandise to help raise money for the Relay for Life and American Cancer Society.

Kevin hopes that this campaign will grow and one day rival the Fuck Cancer, Cancer Sucks and Unchargables campaigns and become a fully fledged 501c(3) Charity. Until that day all money raised will go to the American Cancer Society through the Relay for Life and Team Draxisweb.


Together we can Cancel Cancer! Losing is NOT an option!